Start simply –
with MyMotion tables.

Our MyMotion tables support you in everything you do – the desk as a furniture basic with a feel-good factor, the conference table with ample space for exchanging ideas.

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The MyMotion desk has been reduced to the essentials and at the same time offers you choices: table legs with solid wood elements or made completely of metal, a table top with either right-angled or rounded corners and in one of three timeless, basic shades. Our cable management ensures that nothing will distract you.

Conference table

The MyMotion conference table is the right place for holding meetings and making joint decisions – with enough legroom for up to eight people. You can choose between a frame made completely of metal or one with elements of solid wood.

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Solid wood elements in walnut
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Solid wood elements in oak

Colours & materials

The MyMotion tables are available in three timeless, basic shades for the tabletop and frame – optionally in combination with solid wood elements in oak or walnut:

Tabletop / Frame

Solid wood elements for the frame