An attractive all-rounder –
the MyMotion coatrack.

You’ll love the versatility of our MyMotion coatrack. It has a wealth of well-thought-out functions – and however you use it, it always looks terrific.

Empfang Garderobe Weiss Brillantgelb Trapez Drehtuerschrank Weiss 1 Mymotion Neudoerfler

Equipped with surprising ideas.

The MyMotion coatrack is a true all-rounder. The display front, mirror and whiteboard on the outside let you put important items at centre stage. Things you don’t need at the moment are concealed in the interior. And because it’s on wheels, our coatrack can easily disappear from view if necessary.

Garderobe Weiss Niagaragruen Trapez 1 Mymotion Neudoerfler
Trapezoidal coatrack
Garderobe Weiss Niagaragruen Trapez 3 Mymotion Neudoerfler

Room for coats, umbrellas and hats. Or shoes.

The MyMotion coatrack is available in either a rectangular or a trapezoidal form – the latter with an optional hat rack in addition to the standard clothes rail and the concrete base for shoes and umbrellas.

Garderobe Weiss Trapez Innen 3 Mymotion Neudoerfler
Garderobe Weiss Trapez Innen 4 Mymotion Neudoerfler
Garderobe Weiss Trapez Hutablage 1 Mymotion Neudoerfler

No upper limit.

The rectangular MyMotion coatrack is available only without a hat rack. Like its trapezoidal cousin, it’s the perfect place for outfits and input.

Garderobe Weiss Eiche Rechteckig 1 Mymotion Neudoerfler
Rectangular coatrack
Garderobe Weiss Rechteckig Innen 1 Mymotion Neudoerfler

Colours & materials

Are you looking for a practical and attractive solution for your reception area, seminar room, office or communication area? If so, the MyMotion coatrack, which you can design according to your taste, is exactly right for you. Simply choose from the following selection of body, back-panel and display-set colours:

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