Room to store things and display others – the MyMotion cabinets.

The MyMotion cabinets provide more than just storage space. A variety of colours and an intelligent additional function bring vibrancy to your workday.

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Good ideas are always simple.

For instance, the idea that a door can be more than just a door. With MyMotion cabinets, you have folders, magazines and notices within easy reach.

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Beautifully organized.

Two types of cabinet, one approach: Put away completed work; keep important and attractive things in view. With our display sets – made of metal ledges and stretchable cords – you can easily.

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Hinged-door cabinet
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May we suggest:

If your office is already furnished with the classic Motion cabinets, you can upgrade them easily and inexpensively and conserve resources by simply adding the new display fronts.

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Sliding-door cabinet
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Colours & materials

Give your workspace its own personal atmosphere using the MyMotion colour palette. You can decide what you like best and what ideally suits your office, waiting room or home office. Choose from the following colours: